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Specializing in 3D medical animations and videos, we provide an invaluable resource for doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff. Our high-definition visuals transform complex medical concepts into clear, easy-to-understand formats, making them perfect for training, education, and effective professional development in the healthcare sector.

Our animations provide a realistic depiction of medical procedures and can be used as a valuable tool for medical training and presentations. We use advanced 3D animation software to visualize the internal workings of the human body and explain complex procedures.

Our experts have extensive experience in creating medical 3D animations and work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet the requirements of their specific applications. Whether it is a demonstration of a surgical technique, a visualization of the mode of action of a medication, or a visualization of a medical device, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. 

Why Choose Us?

Two Decades of Dedication and Expertise in Healthcare
Surgical Technique:
Innovate with Precision.

We promote advancements in endoprosthetics and clarify complex medical visuals. For MedTech manufacturers seeking innovation, collaborate with us.

Precision Visuals:
Authentic Implant & Instrument Videos.

Showcasing implants and instruments with unmatched realism and top-tier quality. From HD to 4K and beyond, elevate your content journey with our expert support.

Anatomy Perfected:
Models Endorsed by Medical Experts.

Dive into unparalleled detail with our anatomical models, crafted with precision and endorsed by leading medical experts. Experience anatomy as it's meant to be seen.

Video to Print:
Surgical Imagery Refined.

Transforming surgical techniques into video, then crafting images for your brochures. Seamless integration, impeccable presentation.

Video Voiceovers:
Artificial Voices.

Synthetic speakers offer realistic voices in 28 languages, are instantly available, and allow unlimited revision cycles. We are happy to send you language samples.

Capturing Operations in Real-Time.

Experience the intricacies of medical procedures firsthand with our live surgical recordings. Dive into the real-time insights and dynamics of operations, bringing unparalleled clarity and understanding to the medical realm.

Product Showcase:
Unveiling Excellence in Detail.

Dive into a comprehensive presentation that highlights the unique features and unmatched quality, offering a closer look into what sets our product apart.

24/7 Service Excellence:
Always Available.

Need a video for your presentation? With our 24/7 service excellence, we're always available to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Spine animations

Upper Extremities




2D Animations

Duchene und Becker

Fazio-skapulo-humerale Muskeldystrophie (FSHD)


Spinale Muskelatrophie (SMA)



Monitoring promotional

External Fixation | Leg

Spine Surgical Technique

Shoulder Injuries


We utilize a variety of cutting-edge rendering technologies to produce realistic videos. All renderings can be used by clients, whether in HD or 4K resolution.


We operate our own render farm to ensure all data is centrally accessible. Your CAD files remain securely with us.


Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that each video achieves the desired effect and accurately sequences all important details and features. We also use advanced lighting and shading techniques to create a realistic three-dimensional videos that captures the attention of your target audience.

CAD Formats

We offer support for all popular CAD formats, from surgical technique images to exhibition stands.
CATIA V4, V5, R2 - R23
Pro/Engineer, 16 - WF5, Creo2.0
Autodesk Inventor 6-2013
SolidWorks, 98 - 2013
Unigraphics 11 - 18, NX - NX 8.5
STL-Dateien (*.stl)


The cost is contingent upon your ideas, script, vision, and budget. We can incorporate comprehensive motion graphics or simply display plain text. A good benchmark would be approximately 1.200 € per minute.

We need an idea, a script, a surgical technique in the form of a PDF, Word template or PowerPoint presentation. If we are to visualize your products, we require the corresponding CAD files. We support all common formats and can import them into our animation software.

As a general rule, we offer you 2-3 rounds of corrections.

We will provide you with access to a server where you can view, download, and even comment on the videos if you notice anything that needs adjustment.

We can dub your videos in any language of your choice. You can choose between a synthetic voice and real voice artists. With synthetic voices, the costs are very minimal and the quality is now on par with real voice artists. Give us a try. The costs for real voice artists are external costs, which we pass on to you.

We are more than happy to assist you in publishing your content on a variety of platforms.

youtube videos


Zientek Medical LOCK-CAGE® 3D-Animation

LINK SP-CL - Anatomically Adapted Cementless Hip Prosthesis Stem


Paprowsky Classification

Rib osteosynthesis system


SIS Medical

MORPHEUS Rebellion - The ultimate bone removal system

Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System
 Augmented Baseplate featuring Signature ONE


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