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Dive into the world of medical visualization with our expertly crafted 3D medical illustrations. Our team translates complex medical concepts into high-definition, accurate, and understandable visuals. Explore how our cutting-edge 3D illustrations can revolutionize your understanding and communication of intricate healthcare procedures and concepts


We are a team of technically savvy medical device engineers with over 23 years of experience in all areas of medicine. Our special rendering technologies allow us to create images that are so realistic they look like photographs.


We have built our own render farm to provide you with high-quality medical procedure and application illustrations at the highest level. Our 3D illustrations are perfectly tailored to your target audience and can be exported in all popular formats and sizes.


Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that each image achieves the desired effect and accurately portrays all important details and features. We also use advanced lighting and shading techniques to create a realistic three-dimensional image that captures the attention of your target audience.

CAD Formats

With our expertise and commitment to the highest quality, you can rely on us to bring your medical illustrations to life and effectively communicate your message. We offer support for all popular CAD formats, from surgical technique images to exhibition stands.
CATIA V4, V5, R2 - R23
Pro/Engineer, 16 - WF5, Creo2.0
Autodesk Inventor 6-2013
SolidWorks, 98 - 2013
Unigraphics 11 - 18, NX - NX 8.5
STL-Dateien (*.stl)

Export to many formats

We export your images to various formats. We create illustrations with Photoshop, Illustrator and the other tools from the Adobe Suite.

Separated in layers
As a special service we offer the separation of all elements in separate layers. Muscles, skin, bones, instruments and implants are placed on separate layers so that you can make further changes later.

Your galleries in the customer area
We have galleries in our customer area where you can easily access your images and videos.

Big, bigger,...even much BIGGER

Whether you need a small graphic for the web or a very large representation for a trade show wall. We can ensure a fast support of even elaborately large RollUps in a short time through our render farm.


Our technology can help you to vividly implement complex structures, surgical techniques and innovative technologies for the viewer. We see ourselves as an interface between experts in product development/product marketing and their audience/customers, realizing animations and illustrations in a way that is appropriate for the target group.


The target group-oriented presentation of your content and an appearance at the highest level are a matter of course for us. We work according to the guidelines of leading usability experts and still guarantee the uniqueness of your products.

Creation of Illustrations

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Product images

Realistic representation
High-resolution images
Elements can be placed in layers
Photoshop, TIFF, PNG, ...

Product Images + Bones

Realistic representation
High-resolution images
Integrations of the products in bones
Modeling diseases/deformities
Elements can be placed in layers

Product Images + Bones + Soft Tissues

Realistic representation
High-resolution images
Integrations of the products in bones
Modeling diseases/deformities
Bones, muscles, vessels, nerves, +++
Elements can be placed in layers

Scope of services

Anatomically accurate
Cross-section views
3D perspectives
Cellular, microscopic views
Photoshop, Illustrator
Photoshop, TIFF, PNG, ...

High-resolution images Realistic representation Bones, muscles, vessels, nerves, +++ Layered files Scalable [pixel, meter,...]

Crossfades [move the slider]

Crossfades [move the slider]


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